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JavaScript was created in ten days by a man name Brendan Eich in 1995, and wasn’t always named JavaScript. When JavaScript was first created its original name was called Mocha, named by Marc Andreessen the founder of Netscape. However, in the same year of 1995 on September it was changed to LiveScript, and a few months later in December it was officially name JavaScript. Afterwards in the 1996 – 1997 JavaScript was taken to ECMA which is a European company that does standards organization for information and communications systems.

At ECMA JavaScript set a standard specification, which other browser vendors could then implement into work done at Netscape. After a period, it was official release as ECMA-262 Ed. 1 which was the name of the official standard. The standard process continued cycle while some participate implemented JavaScript into their company, some were hesitant like Microsoft. Eventual an agreement was made in 2009 that push forward the language using an agenda known as Harmony. Today it continues to evolve with new developments such as Node.js, allowing JavaScript on the sever-side and HTML5 APIs to allow front end. Making it very versatile in today growing industry.

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