What is OOP?

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What is object-oriented programming?  An object-oriented programming(OOP) is a high-level programming language which programmers define data structure, and carries out operations or also known as a function that can be applied to data structures. These languages are very useful as it keeps code organized by providing custom namespaces by creating an object. An object has a lot of functionality based on the object functions and parameters which is useful for organizing code. It’s also useful for identifying data and give more importance to data type.

If “person” is an object. Then this object can make all functions and variables useful for “person” data type, which is useful as it eliminates random functions laying around. Then if “age” is a variable that tells us the age of “person”, there is no need to have “int age” laying around randomly. So, if we have two people with different age, there is no need for “int age1” and “int age2”. All we must do is set “person Tony = new Person” and now Tony has an age “Tony.age”.